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Here's the guide

Preparing to assemble or move a vertical storage system

If you are facing disassembly, assembly or a potential move of a vertical storage lift or carousel it might be a bit overwhelming knowing where to start; numerous decisions and preparations need to be made – but it doesn’t have to be all too complicated. In this guide we will provide our best advice on where to start and how to prepare in the best possible way.

Who can assemble or move a vertical storage system?

A safe bet is always to check with the original manufacturer when looking to assemble or move a storage system, however, on most markets, there are also multiple independent companies that work with assembly and moves of industrial machines. In some cases, the manufacturer might not have resources to adjust to your time plan, which is why we always suggest requesting quotes from more than one company. Send your inquiry to us and we will help you.

What does it cost?

A disassembly, assembly or move of a vertical storage lift or vertical carousel will usually require 2 technicians and 1-3 days per unit. The cost is normally around 3 000 – 6 000 EUR per unit. The price is generally determined by the storage systems specification and the accessibility of the units in the warehouse/factory.


What needs to be prepared?

Independent if a vertical storage lift or vertical carousel is moving in our out of your facilities there are a few preparations that can simplify both your and the technicians jobb, see below for advice:

Control the facilities

Does the assembly or move require alternations on your facilities? The following controls can be good to ensure:

  • Are there any pallet racking, fire protection, sprinkler systems or beams preventing the assembly?
  • Is there enough space to store the vertical lift or carousel before the assembly, or after the disassembly?
  • Is the floor at the designated installation location viable, even and clean?

Talk to an electrician

When a vertical storage system is to be installed a certified electrician is often required to electrify the unit. In most cases it is a matter of providing wiring for the operating current at the installation location.

Packing material

When disassembling a vertical storage lift or vertical carousel it is customary that the packing material is provided at the disassembly location. A vertical storage system will usually require around 25 EU pallets, if you happen to have long and reinforced pallets, 10 – 15 might suffice. Aside from the pallets – straps, laths and plastic wrap is also recommended to ensure secure packing. If you don’t have the possibility to provide packing material it can most often be purchased as an extra service from the technicians disassembling the unit.

Forklift and scissor lift

When loading or unloading a vertical storage lift or carousel a forklift is required, preferably with a load capacity of over 2 tonnes. Likewise, during the assembly, it is preferable to have a forklift available that can lift as high as ¾ of the unit height. During the assembly, it is also required to have a scissor lift tall enough to reach the top of the assembled unit. It is also recommended to have a scissor lift with a platform as wide as the vertical storage system.

Dont worry!

We can help you

With the preparations above you will be well prepared ahead of a move, assembly or disassembly – once the work actually kicks off it usually runs smooth. If you feel that you need more support you are welcome to contact us using the form below – or just give us a call!

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