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For trays and compartments

Fittings and boxes for vertical storage systems

A vertical carousel or vertical storage lift normally comes with empty carriers and trays. In order to create locations; fittings, boxes or separator sets are often used. Fittings and boxes are not only an easy way of creating locations, but it can also generate better ergonomics and fill rates. In this guide you will find some of our advice when it comes to fittings and boxes for you vertical carousels or vertical storage lifts.

Fittings and boxes for vertical storage lifts

Virtually all vertical storage lifts will have empty trays when they are sold second hand, or straight from the factory for that matter. Listed below are a few solutions to equip the trays of your vertical storage lift, together with some pros and cons.

Carton boxes
Exempel på wellpap-inredning för hissautomater

One option that almost all vendors of vertical storage lifts offer is to by carton boxes. Carton boxes are available in a wide range of predefined sizes, more often than not sufficient to suit your needs. Customized carton boxes are available to order, but at a higher cost.

+ Low cost
+ Can be customized

not appropriate for greasy products
Not flexible, fixed sizes once ordered


Reused plastic boxes

If you are moving from using conventional shelves to a vertical storage lift it is highly likely that you already have plastic boxes available for us. Obviously, reusing your plastic boxes is a simple solution, but not necessarily the best option.

+ Low / no cost
+ Easy to transfer the goods

The boxes are generally not customized for the trays (low fill rate)
The boxes might not be customized for the goods (low fill rate)

Exempel på befintliga lådor vs. sumobox


SumoboxExempel på sumoboxlådor för att inreda hissautomater

Sumobox is a subsidiary of Kardex Remstar and the only well established producer of boxes specifically designer for vertical storage lifts. Sumoboxes are flexible, modular plastic boxes customized to the tray sizes of Kardex vertical storage lifts.

+ Customized as a standard for vertical storage lifts
+ Flexible in height
+ Flexible in dimensions using separators
+ Light

Higher price
Only available for Kardex units
Time consuming to assemble


Metal fittingsExempel på metallinredning i hissautomater

A solution offered by most vendors of vertical storage lifts is to buy customized and flexible metal fittings. The construction of this type of equipment usually enables you to move separators, enabling flexibility in the location sizes.

+ Durable
+ Flexible
+ ESD secure
+ Dirt and oil resistant

Higher price
Not flexible in height
Relatively heavy


As easy as it sounds tape can, and is in fact, used to divide trays into locations. Tape can be a particularly useful solution if you wish to store larger boxes or bulk goods and don’t need that many locations per tray.

+ Low cost
+ Space efficient

Won’t prevent goods from moving
Not very distinct separation between locations

ESD equipment

Some products need to be stored in so-called “ESD secure” zones. ESD stands for Electro Static Discharge and means that the material is sensitive towards static electricity that can occur because of the friction between certain materials. To cope with this problem, most vendors will offer ESD approved fittings or boxes, some examples are:

Sumoboxes with ESD configuration
Filter boxes
Plastic boxes with ESD configuration
Metal fittings


Fittings and boxes for vertical carousesls

For vertical carousels the range of standard products and vendors is significantly larger; boxes for conventional shelves work very well in vertical carousels as well. THe most important thing to think about when buying boxes for you vertical carousels is to consider the carriers depth. Standard depths for carriers are 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm; the type of boxes you buy and how you use them can have a great impact on the efficiency and fill rate in your vertical carousel.

Exempel på inredning för paternosterverk

High fill rate in comparison with low fill rate because of inefficient boxes.

Would you like advice on what fittings and boxes might suit you best?

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