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Vertical storage lift or vertical carousel?

Vertical Storage Systems can be found in a number of variations, however, the most common solutions are called Vertical Storage Lifts (sometimes VLMs, Vertical Lift Modules) or Vertical Carousels. When it comes to storage on a limited space, both solutions mentioned above are full worthy alternatives – nevertheless, there are some notable differences. In the text below we will provide our best tips on when a vertical storage lift respectively vertical carousel will suit your situation best.

What’s the difference?

The biggest difference between a vertical storage lift and a vertical carousel lies in the construction of their respective drive lines. A vertical storage lift has two sections with multiple trays, where a crane in the middle of the storage lift collects trays to the lifts one or multiple picking openings. On the other hand, a vertical carousel is constructed of a band of carriers where all carriers are linked together and move in the same direction as the band moves to present a carrier in the picking opening.

Benefits with vertical storage lifts

• A vertical storage lift can under some circumstances store heavier products, and products that vary more in height and width. Provided that the crane in the middle of the storage lift only lifts one tray at a time (and doesn’t turn a band carrying the weight of all the goods in the unit) a vertical storage lift can handle heavier loads.

• A vertical storage lift can generally be built with larger dimensions – higher, wider, and deeper. In other words, it enables you to transform limited floor space to very capable storage space.

• The software connected to a vertical storage lift generally offers more possibilities when it comes to compression of trays and frequency handling of the respective trays. Some manufacturers of vertical storage lifts have automatic goods height readers in the picking openings – meaning that the lift automatically compresses the trays so they utilize the least amount of space.

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Benefits with vertical carousels

Compared to a vertical storage lift, a vertical carousel mainly has the benefits listed below:

• The vertical carousel is a great alternative if you have many small products of the same size. In this case, you can fully utilize the vertical carousels capabilities of being able to host a vast amount of storage locations per carrier.

• Vertical carousels can be bought in smaller models with less depth, i.e. a vertical carousel can be a good alternative if you are looking for a vertical storage space, but have limited space in your warehouse of factory.

• The construction of a vertical carousel is simple and robust, often leading to a lower price and easier maintenance.

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What suits you best?

If you are looking to increase your picking efficiency, or for ways to store goods on a limited space, both vertical storage lifts and vertical carousels are good alternatives. Each business case most be evaluated individually, but to summarize, this can be considered:

Vertical storage lifts – Great solution if you have enough space to build large and multiple units, also if you SKUs varying in size and volume.

Vertical carousels – Great solution for small products with a low variety in terms of size and volume. Possible to install in very limited space if you need to household with the vertical storage systems footprint.

If you need assistance with evaluating the right vertical storage system for your business, we can aid with expertise. Feel free to contact us and we will help you find the best possible solution!

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