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Vertical Storage Lifts

Vertical Storage Lifts, or Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) as they are also called, have grown increasingly in popularity on the global market since it was introduced as an alternative to Vertical Carousels. With a crane placed in the center of the machine, and trays on the respective sides of the unit, the Vertical Storage Lift has a flexibility and possibility to optimize the storage utilization efficiently. Vertical Storage Lits are especially efficient when storing goods of highly varying sizes. If you want to read more about the difference between VLMs and Vertical Carousels you can find more information under our ”Guides” section.

Second hand Vertical Storage Lifts and Vertical Lift Modules

If you are looking for a second hand Vertical Storage lift or Vertical Lift Module (VLM), Relevator offers numerous units in the best possible condition. Vertical Storage Lifts that have been serviced by the original manufacturer and that have been used with normal wear and tear can easily be used for 20, 30 even 40 years. Innovations in the material handling industry happens daily, but when it comes to storing goods in a limited space; a second hand Vertical Storage lift can offer unbeatable value.

What to look for?

If you are looking for a high quality Vertical Storage Lift there are a few things that are worth controlling. First of all, and naturally, you need to control that the Vertical Lift Module will fit in your warehouse. A Vertical Storage Lift can rather easily be reconstructed height wise, however, the width and depth are fixed; so make sure to controll width and depth carefully.

Aside from the dimensions of the Vertical Storage Lift, it is also important to control the amount of goods the unit will be able to store. The easies way to calculate how much a Vertical Storage lift can store is to measure the dimensions of the trays, and how many trays the VLM comes with. Relevator, or any other supplier of Vertical Storage Lifts, can provide you with an estimation of how much of your goods a VLM can store. Make sure to provide us or the supplier with your amount of SKUs and an estimated goods size.

Who manufactures Vertical Storage Lifts and Vertical Lift Modules?

There are several manufacturers of Vertical Storage Lifts that are established globally. The most common solutions on the market are provided by Kardex Remstar, SSI Schäfer, Hänel and Modula. Kardex’s VLM goes by the name of Shuttle XP, SSI Schäfer’s solution is called Logimat, Hänel has their LeanLift, and Modula the Modula Lift. Aside from the suppliers above, mentionable suppliers are also the Swedish company Weland Solutions, German Jungheinrich, and the Scandinavian Constructor.


Second hand warehouse automation - for a better environment

A serviced and well kept vertical carousel or vertical storage lift can easily function for 20, 30 or 40 years. Many companies are unaware of the possibility of selling their used warehouse automation and will often send well functioning machines for scrapping. To create 1 tonne of metal sheets around 2 tonnes of carbon oxide is emitted; by buying second hand warehouse automation you save money – and our environment!

We are happy to help you sell your used vertical carousels and vertical storage lifts, additionally, offer you second hand units in good condition and at a fair price. Contact us using the form below, or just give us a call!

Begagnad lagerautomation - för en bättre miljöpåverkan
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