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Estimate the value of your used vertical storage systems

Are you aiming to sell or estimate the value of your used vertical storage lifts or vertical carousels?
Fill in the form to the right and get an estimate within the hour - simple!

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    Valuation of vertical storage system

    Do your best to answer the questions below and get a free valuation within 1 hour!

    Get an estimate in no time

    Trade-in or cash?

    If you are about to relocate your operations or replace older vertical storage systems for new ones, the possibility of selling your used vertical storage lifts or vertical carousels could be a strong option. The cost of disassembling a vertical storage system can sometimes exceed the value of the unit/units.

    Estimate the value of your vertical carousels or vertical storage lifts with us and get a valuation within the hour – it could work as a good trade-in, or potentially give you good cash for future investments.

    and support the circular economy

    Reduce your company's climate footprint

    To create 1 tonne of metal sheets around 2 tonnes of carbon oxide is emitted; by buying second hand warehouse automation you save money – and our environment! A vertical storage system normally weighs around 3 tonnes, and aside from the metal sheets composing the building block of a vertical storage lift or vertical carousels a machine contains electric components, rubber and paint coating – don’t let our planet’s resources go to waste!

    Begagnad lagerautomation - för en bättre miljöpåverkan
    Relevator miljöbil