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Vertical Carousels

A vertical carousel storage system is a great alternative if you are looking to store a lot of goods in a small space. By utilizing the ”paternoster principe”, where a belt moves like a vertical carousel with goods being stored on carriers, a machine door can be continously supplied with goods to be picked. A vertical carousel, or ”paternoster solution” as it is called in some parts of the world, is a type of vertical storage system that allows a ”Goods-To-Person” storage. ”Goods-To-Person” storage means that the goods is automatically transferred to the picker, rather than the picker having to run around among shelves in the warehouse to pick their order.

Second hand Vertical Carousels

If you are looking for a high quality second hand vertical carousel, Relevator offers both carousels and vertical storage lifts in great condition. The construction of a vertical carousel is extremly robust and reliable; making it a excellent solution to buy second hand. A serviced and well kept unit can be used for over 30 years, as of today, we still find units installed during the 80s that are in use.

What to look for?

The most important thing to control when buying a second hand vertical carousel is to make sure that the dimensions of the unit will fit in your warehouse. A vertical carousel is rather difficult to reconstruct, so make sure that the units height, width and depth fit in your facilities. Aside from the dimensions it is also important that the storage capacity of the vertical carousel will work for your operations. The storage capacity is determined not only by the amount of, and the size, of the carriers; also by how much weight each carrier can load. A typical vertical carousel can load between 300 – 400 kg per carrier, if you have heavy goods, make sure to double check the load capacity.

Who manufactures Vertical Carousels?

There are several well-renowned suppliers of vertical carousels globally; at Relevator, we work only with the most established suppliers. The two most common vertical carousels globally are provided by Kardex Remstar and Hänel. Kardex offers their solution Megamat RS, and Hänel’s Rotomat is especially popular in continental Europe. Aside from Kardex and Hänel there are several regional yet reliable suppliers spread out in the world. In Northern Europe, the Scandinavian supplier Constructor has a large installed base; in French speaking countries the French supplier Electroclass is common.


Second hand warehouse automation - for a better environment

A serviced and well kept vertical carousel or vertical storage lift can easily function for 20, 30 or 40 years. Many companies are unaware of the possibility of selling their used warehouse automation and will often send well functioning machines for scrapping. To create 1 tonne of metal sheets around 2 tonnes of carbon oxide is emitted; by buying second hand warehouse automation you save money – and our environment!

We are happy to help you sell your used vertical carousels and vertical storage lifts, additionally, offer you second hand units in good condition and at a fair price. Contact us using the form below, or just give us a call!

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