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Octapharma is a privately owned pharmaceutical company with products within blood plasma. In spring 2020, Octapharma started having problems with a full warehouse and realized that a space that was being used for regular shelves far from used the potential of their ceiling height.

Octapharma chose to purchase a Kardex Shuttle XP 700 vertical storage lift from 2010 from Relevator. The storage lift measures over 9 meters and has trays as wides as 4 meters.


Second hand warehouse automation - for a better environment

A serviced and well kept vertical carousel or vertical storage lift can easily function for 20, 30 or 40 years. Many companies are unaware of the possibility of selling their used warehouse automation and will often send well functioning machines for scrapping. To create 1 tonne of metal sheets around 2 tonnes of carbon oxide is emitted; by buying second hand warehouse automation you save money – and our environment!

We are happy to help you sell your used vertical carousels and vertical storage lifts, additionally, offer you second hand units in good condition and at a fair price. Contact us using the form below, or just give us a call!

Begagnad lagerautomation - för en bättre miljöpåverkan
Relevator miljöbil